• I came across your wonderful kettle earlier in the year while I was on a fishing trip to Rutland waters.
    It is a truly amazing bit of kit and I could not believe how well it worked even on the wettest of days.
    We enjoyed a nice cup of tea while on the shores during our break from fishing

The Ghillie Kettle

The British made chimney kettle has been around for a very long time, but most outdoor enthusiasts have never seen one.

With one, you can boil water in just a few minutes using any combustible materials lying about, and they do this in nearly any weather conditions.

Simple, efficient and proven… and the Ghillie Kettle is the only chimney kettle made with a safety whistle cap.

FREE Delivery

There is FREE delivery on all orders over $75 (U.S. and Canada).
For orders under $75, delivery charges are as follows:
  • United States: $12.50
  • Canada: $25
Note: Delivery to U.S. and Canada only!

Our Warranty

All Ghillie Aluminum Kettles, Ghillie Flash Anodized Kettles and the Ghillie mKettle carry a two year limited Warranty to the original owner. All Ghillie Hard Anodized Kettles (excluding the Ghillie mKettle) carry a ten year limited Warranty to the original owner.
Every kettle is water tested before leaving our shop, however, if your Ghillie Kettle is faulty or leaks, we’ll fix it, replace it or send you your money back.

Made in the UK

All Ghillie Kettles are hand crafted in the United Kingdom.
"Elegantly simple, incredibly efficient and truly heirloom quality."


About Our Kettles

Here at Ghillie Kettle North America you can learn their history, see how they work and or course, get your own Ghillie Kettle.

They come in 3 sizes, the Maverick which holds 16.9 ounces or water, the Explorer which holds 33.8 ounces and our largest Ghillie the Adventurer which holds 50.7 ounces. All models are available in aluminum, flash anodized aluminum and hard anodized aluminum.

We also make the mKettle; our mini kettle that’s small enough to fit into any pack yet still holds 17.9 ounces of water.

Make hot drinks, re-hydrate meals, and clean up all in no time with fuel provided by Mother Nature. Our optional cook kits allow you to use the heat from the chimney and the fire base to cook meals too!

All are hand crafted in the UK and carry long term warranties.