The Ghillie Kettle

Elegantly simple, incredibly efficient and truly heirloom quality, the Ghillie Kettle has been produced for centuries. Boil water simply – anywhere, anytime – with this simple kettle.
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What Our Customers Say…

I have just returned from a family holiday in the Charente-Maritime region of France and on the off-chance I might get to have a go with it took the new ghillie-kettle with me, thank goodness I did because despite living in Northern France for 6 years I did not know that only a coffee machine would be provided in the holiday home! Toby Platts


We, used the kettle on a week-long camping trip in Norway and depended on it for cooking all our drinking water, meals and coffee. We did not use a pan as we only had meals that required just hot water. We did use the grill insert for grilling sausages. It cooked around 8 litres of water per day, in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of fuel. Tom

Fairly simple, light a fire inside a kettle. You will need plenty of tinder, kindling and fuel. My first attempt burnt out faster than I could snap more dry dead twigs off the trees. When it’s burning it makes a sort of jet noise, it burns fiercely. 2nd attempt I doubled my fuel to hand. Success! I should have bought on of these years ago. I’ll take on the beach when fishing to test it on dry seaweed. In use the inside blackens which will speed up the boiling. Excellent for camping, fishing, bush craft, picnics in the wild etc. Ian

I just tested my new Ghillie, and I can honestly say its “The Best” piece of camping equipment I ever had! I filled up the tank, found a handful of twigs and bits of dried leaves etc, lit it, and once the little fire got going inside the kettle, it took literally three and a bit minutes to come to the boil, in fact, I’d say it could give an electric kettle a run for its money! I don’t think I’m going to bother taking any other type of stove to Pow-wows and etcetera, so no need to lug around gas or paraffin or meths! Richard Lakin-Inzunza